Teeth Whitening

About the Procedure & Expectations.

Magic White Smile continues to keep up with the most current Teeth Whitening technology.  This light (in picture) doesn't really show it but we are using a blue LED light now, which is the newest thing going. Prior to that we did away with the pre-filled mouth pieces.  Now the solution is put directly on the teeth so there is no longer a barrier between the light, the solution and the teeth.

The process takes 20 minutes but I include an additional 15 minute session if I feel we can get better results. If you are over 40 and never had teeth whitening done before, expect to have the two sessions.

You will see results before you leave.  You might even go lighter after you have left because you will process up to 6 hours after we are finished. This is why you should eat before you come because you will have to limit yourself to only consuming things that would not stain a white tee shirt. I will go over this in the session.  I will also tell you how to maintain that new beautiful smile.

Now teeth whitening can lighten your shade 4 - 17 shades, the best I have done is 22 shades.  Teeth Whitening now lasts 6 months to a year. 

Our Mission

To uplift my fellow man by helping him/her with his/her first impression smile. To feel more confident, happy and wanting to smile at all your fellow human beings as they cross your path.